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Telerobot avatar

A full-body tactile telerobot, to transport human presence to a remote location in real-time.

When AI cannot replace humans in complex and unstructured real-world scenarios, Touchlab's Telerobot offers full immersion in a given environment, allowing for the completion of tasks that have traditionally required a human presence.

XPRIZE Telerobot no logos.png
Touchlab's Telerobot Avatar at the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Finals

The healthcare challenge

With increasingly overstretched and overworked healthcare systems, the world is looking for technologies which can improve nurse productivity, prevent burnout, and increase throughput of patients. 

Touchlab are offering one such solution. "
Välkky" (the name given to the Avatar by Finnish nurses) is currently undergoing a pilot in Helsinki as part of a €7 Billion project to develop the most advanced hospital in Europe. The system 
- enabled by Touchlab's proprietary e-skin - boasts a VR interface that enhances human senses and is intuitive to use.

Operators can hear, see, speak, and feel through the robot allowing healthcare providers to spend more time delivering high-quality care, and less time fulfilling basic operations.

No project like this has ever been conducted before in human-robot interaction (HRI). Välkky is the most advanced robot of it's kind, and is paving the way for new standards in healthcare provision.


FINALIST in the global $10m
ANA XPRIZE Avatar Competition

Touchlab's dreams of telerobot avatars begun years ago, with the launch of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE.

After several incredible years of hard-work, technical prowess, and determination, we are proud to be able to call ourselves XPRIZE Finalists.


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