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A founding story


Since I was 14 years old and living in Finland,

I dreamt of working in nanotechnology and robotics.

I was fascinated by the idea of tiny robots that could go inside our body and cure diseases. People said I was crazy, but I eventually managed to secure a place at the University of York to study Electronics Engineering with Nanotechnology. During my undergraduate, I got a taste of the start-up scene, interning and becoming a full-time lead software developer for a VR stroke rehabilitation spinout.


Soon after, I moved to Scotland to acquire my PhD in ‘Intelligent Sensing and Measurement’ at the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow, specialising in micro-, and nano-fabrication.

By the time I finished my PhD, Touchlab was my second start-up. Acting previously as CTO, I gave Touchlab a solid foundation with an initial FTSE 100 customer.


I’m a CEO and founder, but also leading our ANA Avatar XPrize competition team. This time I am surrounded by other experts, in fields such as product design, machine learning, robotics, and a board of commercial advisors and mentors.

Zaki Hussein - Founder & CEO

Our Team

To be the company that accelerates technology, it takes an eclectic team of hands-on, passionate and seasoned professionals. 


Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO


Founding Member and COO

Founder & CEO


VP of e-skin

Founder & CEO



Founder & CEO


Electrical Engineer

Founder & CEO

Work Photo.JPG

Chief of Staff

Founder & CEO


VP of Robotics

Founder & CEO

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 18.18.08.jpg

VR Robotics Developer

Founder & CEO


Trainee R&D Engineer

Founder & CEO


Robotics and Machine Learning Engineer

Founder & CEO

IMG_6425 copy.jpg

Head of Design and Sensor Integration

Founder & CEO


Commercial Lead

Founder & CEO

Touchlab collaborators

Advisory Committee

We count ourselves lucky to work with our world class advisors.


Investor and advisor to science & technology ventures

Investor and advisor to science & technology ventures

Lisa Sutherland (7817) 300dpi.jpg

Investor and advisor to science & technology ventures

Entrepreneur, advisor and investor

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