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Triaxial e-skin

Our triaxial e-skin is our truly unique, signature, sensor technology. It is the culmination of 7+ years of experience determining the best design, materials and parameters for the ultimate e-skin - which sits in its own class. It goes beyond the capabilities of eDermis® as well as that of human skin, by sensing normal and shear forces for each tactile pixel (tactel) over a massive dynamic range and millions of cycles.

Triaxial sensor retrofitted onto a 2-finger gripper

The breakthrough innovation here lies in Triaxial's form factor, scalability, mass-manufacturability, and ability to integrate into vast compliant arrays over any desired surface. The technology can be used as individual sensors, or a 'skin', where multiple tactels are integrated into an array for high resolution over any surface. The e-skin can withstand harsh and corrosive environments too.
For those wanting to build their own applications, the output of our custom readout electronics is a simple Cartesian XYZ vector that expresses both magnitude and 3D direction of the force applied. The triaxial e-skin can then be used to accurately acquire data from contact surfaces that are soft or hard, flat or round. It can often replace bulky and rigid Force Torque (F/T) sensors which are used to estimate these contact forces.


Added Triaxial features


3D Force, Magnitude, and Direction

Outputs a 3D Cartesian force vector for each tactel, representing both shear and normal forces. Can be integrated into dense matrix arrays.


Deep Learning and Analytics

Object shape classification through touch, texture detection, slip detection, and ground reaction forces can be accomplished using an optional software add-on. 


Piezoresistive and Capacitive

Quantum tunnelling and capacitive capabilities integrated into the same sensor to deliver a massive dynamic range as well as a linear output option. Only 5 wires are required for individual sensors. 

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