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Triaxial's superior performance, now available in a robust plug-and-play package

Featuring the world’s smallest and most advanced 3D force vector sensor, TDK2's 'Triaxial Fingertip' presents entirely new paradigms for tactile sensing.


TDK2 has been designed to enable seamless integration into existing anthropomorphic grippers, with attachments readily available for the Schunk SVH, Allegro, and Shadow hand (amongst others).

PXL_20230308_141215391 (2).jpg
PXL_20230308_141019917 (2).jpg

XYZ force sensing, at your fingertips

USB Drive with user manual and power cable (beneath cover)

PXL_20230309_183310936 (1)_edited_edited.png

Triaxial fingertip integrated sensor

Fingertip fixture for stationary testing

Electronics box with custom firmware

Ready to take your robots to the next level?

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