the only one in Scotland

We have been selected as one of the 77 teams competing worldwide 

Our team

Team leader

E-skin and


Vladimir Ivan ANA XPrize competition Avatar robots

Lead Roboticist

PhD in robot perception

Amanda Ibsen Avatar ANAXPrize competition

Deep learning 

Object identification

Colin Robert Avatar ANA XPrize competition building robot avatar


PhD in material science 

Product design 

Robotics integration

Vasileios Vasilis Mitrakos Avatar ANA XPrize competition Building robot avatars


PhD in microelectromechanical systems 

brent gracey Avatar ANA XPrize competition building robot avatars

Motion planing

Software architecture and data pipelines 


Electronic engineering 


Toa Pecur avatar ANA XPrize competition building avatar teleoperated robots vision

Computer vision

Point cloud data for  3D mapping

Our vision

"Avatar technology represents the first real attempt for man to fuse with machine, and not only control it, but enhance ourselves beyond what is naturally possible on both a sensory and cognitive level."

"We believe that a realistic whole-body somatosensory feedback through a machine, in addition to incorporating existing exponential technologies and proprioceptive feedback, will break down existing barriers for the technology and enable this trans-humanist goal. Our team aims to revolutionise the way in which Avatars perceive their environment, and thus also human perception of themselves through Avatars."

"With our Avatar the controller will be able to see and feel as the Avatar as well as have abilities transcending human capacity, such as smoke and harmful gas detection, radiation, infrared vision, accurate location and orientation amongst others. This enhanced sensory perception will enable the handling of dangerous tasks in harsh environments far more efficiently and safely than a humans can."





We are currently out of office, 

please drop an email!


Higgs Centre for Innovation

Royal Observatory of Edinburgh,

Blackford Hill, Edinburgh,

Scotland, EH9 3HJ




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