The biggest barrier to mass robot adoption is their inability to feel the world around them.

Touchlab has changed this. It’s time for robots to come out of their boxes, and into the real world. This will enable the revolution in physical robotics.



Pressure and location with only 4 wires

Robust, thinner than human skin, and can be wrapped around any surface, hard or soft alike. We use quantum tunnelling to make it truly biomimetic - sensing pressure and its location instead of force alone, enabling robots to roll pens, feel texture, and sense pain like a human would. 


Shear e-skin

Slippage and shear force with only 4 wires

Still in development, this e-skin senses shear forces and their directions in X and Y planar axes for an unparalleled dynamic range. This enables detection of slippage and its direction enabling real-time closed-loop operation of robotic grippers in various settings.


Triaxial e-skin

XYZ force with only 4 wires

Our patented triaxial technology represents the 'holy grail' of e-skin, capable of detecting forces and their directions in 3D like no other sensor.  Using this, it is possible to identify objects through touch alone, detect and compensate for slip before it occurs, and measure ground reaction forces.

We are trialling our newest sensors with a limited number of customers.


Working with innovative companies in


Warehousing and Fulfilment




Humanoid Robotics


Gripper Robotics





Using our Deep Learning and Analytics Software add-on, it is possible to identify objects through touch alone (in the absence of, or combined with, visual data), detect different textured surfaces, detect and compensate for slip, and measure ground reaction forces for locomotion applications. 

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